The 3C’s of Sustainability: Capability, Consistency and Cultivation

The 3C’s model is a long standing strategic approach to defining a company’s positioning by looking at the 3 elements of:




But recently a new 3C’s model has emerged relating to a company’s sustainability approach, considering the 3 elements of:




This new model looks beyond traditional values used to measure a company such as profits or share price, to considering the company’s shared value in terms of the company, the environment and the community.

This new 3C’s model is particularly suited to mountain businesses, for whom the environment is essential to the delivery of their products services and the continuation of their business, and where the local community is often very much a part of the company  offering, in a mountain resort or region.

At LISTEX 2020 we will be exploring the new 3C’s model in more detail, to see how it can be applied to all organisations working in the mountain industry to grow their value and contribution beyond solely financial measures.

Join us at LISTEX 2020 to add your voice to building a sustainable mountain industry for all.