LISTEX Summer Exchange and SASTEX move to new dates in June

In light of recent developments and to give everyone some increased clarity about our events taking place we have decided to postpone the LISTEX Summer Exchange to 22 June and SASTEX to 23 June, with both events still taking place at The Snow Centre. And if anything changes or we have further updates to the event, we will be in touch asap. We will be sending out further communications later this week. The dates for the LISTEX Winter Exchange remain as September 23 and 24 2020.

We are planning a new piece of research into future consumer behaviour, future booking plans and trying to understand the shape of the consumer market and likely behaviour post Covid-19. Again, we’ll keep you posted on this.

Over the past 18 months, we have been working on our new online networking platform for the global mountain industry – MTN (Mountain Trade Network) – to connect everyone, at all times. This online community is due to launch at the end of the month

In addition to news, press releases, fam trips, job posts, research, industry insights and posting of opportunities, we’ll be bringing pre-scheduled meetings at virtual events via video calls, presentations and debates taking place via webinars.