LISTEX meets David and Yotam, Founders of WeSki – LISTEX Lead Sponsor 2018

This year’s lead sponsor of LISTEX is WeSki – a new kid on the block in the snowsports world. WeSki’s founders Yotam and David are both passionate skiers and decided to create a company which makes booking a group ski trip simple.  

So we decided to find out a bit more about WeSki and what they do. And why they decided to join forces with LISTEX.

How was WeSki formed?  

Yotam and David are the founders of WeSki. They created WeSki because, as avid skiers, they always found organising, booking, and paying for group ski trips to be complicated, time-consuming, and onerous. They realised that booking ski trips with friends shouldn’t be that difficult, and it shouldn’t fall to the one person to organise, chivvy, and eventually pay for the group.

So, how do you solve this sort of problem? You create a one-stop-shop platform for groups to build affordable, tailor-made ski holidays. Using an online booking website that allows all the components of a group ski trip to be made available in one place, groups can choose and book their holiday, split payments, and manage their own add-ons. Enabling complete customisation of a group booking, and putting all the options at customers’ fingertips allows people to built complete ski trips, all in one place, in minutes.

How will WeSki fit alongside existing travel agents and tour operators?

WeSki is really excited to start working with existing travel agents and tour operators. WeSki doesn’t own any inventory, nor does it look to compete with existing tour operators. The very essence of WeSki a platform for travel experience customisation. WeSki is excited to be able to add to its supplier inventory, and bring together all the elements of ski holidays to present them in the most accessible way to the millennials.

WeSki believes that this new trip customisation platform will make ski trips more accessible to the consumer market, and help better connect businesses with consumers. This will give customers more personalised, and therefore, better, experiences with businesses than previously possible.

How does WeSki differ from other online travel companies?

WeSki’s ability to offer complete group packages with total customisation, flexibility, simplicity, and affordability, makes WeSki different to other online travel companies. WeSki has created a booking platform with endless experience customisation possibilities. As consumers continue to seek experiences, over holidays, WeSki’s platform can continue to provide customisation options to each customer, in a simple, affordable, and accessible way. As customers continue to interact with WeSki’s platform, WeSki is able to collect data and learn more about each individual customer, in turn providing increasingly personalised travel and activity experiences.

David & Yotam – where is your favourite place to ski and why?

“Val Thorens, without a doubt. There are tons of parties, loads of young people and it’s got a great vibe. Oh, and, of course, the skiing is incredible. I started skiing when I was four so I’ve been to a few places and Val Thorens has always been my favourite.” David

“Well, if David’s picking Val Thorens, he’s gone for a good choice but I’m going for La Plagne. The off-piste is unreal. Some of my best skiing and snowboarding experiences happened on those mountains. Plus the Après-ski scene is brilliant.” Yotam

What is your top tip for people looking to find their perfect ski holiday?

Go for your perfect experience! Do you want long easy runs, or heart-stopping black slopes? Are you after all-night Après-ski, or a swish restaurant with a funky jazz vibe? Are you travelling as a group of three, or five, or 15? No problem. Nowadays, with all the options out there, you can absolutely be picky. No more over-compromising, no more ‘meh’ holidays, or vows of ‘I’m never leaving Michael to arrange a ski trip again’. Instead, be picky, and choose exactly when you want to fly, what sort of experience you’re after, how much you want to spend, and what you want to do. Increasingly, it’s going to get easier to organise and go on your perfect ski holiday.

What are you looking forward to the most about LISTEX?

The pastries! Just kidding, we’re really excited to introduce WeSki, make new relationships, and build on existing ones. We think that LISTEX is a cracking opportunity to meet local and international buyers and suppliers, and learn more about companies that are changing the snowsports game.