LISTEX Knowledge Labs

NEW for 2018 – The LISTEX Knowledge Labs

The Summer Exchange on 2 May at The Snow Centre, sees LISTEX launch its very first series of ‘Knowledge Labs.’

The LISTEX Knowledge Labs are an opportunity for LISTEX attendees to pre-schedule one-to-one meetings with our experts in their field of marketing, digital, CRM and brand.

The LISTEX Knowledge Labs take place between 2-4pm on 2 May, the same time as the Trade Exchange and ski session. Meetings run for 20 minutes and are an opportunity to gain a top-level view and increase knowledge on a number of topics.

Our Knowledge Lab experts

Shannon Watson, Duplare – Data led marketing specialist with particular expertise in data analytics & CRM
Craig Stockwell, Duplare – Brand strategist specialising in visual identity, advocacy and engagement

How it works

LISTEX Forum attendees, press and Trade Exchange members can pre-schedule meetings online via our Meetings Manager with a Knowledge Lab expert. Once logged on to the portal, you will see our Knowledge Lab experts, their available timeslots, and can request a 20-minute time slot.

To maximise your time with an expert, please email your questions in advance via the online Meetings Manager.

Next steps

1.      Email to join the LISTEX Knowledge Labs
2.     You will then be emailed a log in and password via our Meetings Manager, Pitch & Match
3.     Log in to the Meetings Manager and create your profile
4.     You can view the available time slots for the ‘Knowledge Lab Expert’ you would like to meet under the ‘Attendees’ tab – request a slot and wait to hear if confirmed
5.     Once the meeting is confirmed, please email your questions in advance – this ensures you’ll make the most out of your time together

Things to note

·      We recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser to view the Meetings Manager
·      Have a look at this support video from Pitch & Match explaining how to navigate around the log on page

Questions? Please email

And here’s the schedule of the Summer Exchange, 2 May:

9.30-10.30am Networking breakfast
10.30-11.30am Season Review with Snow-Forecast: How good has this season really been?

And Marketing agency Duplare unveils new snowsports consumer research:
A fresh look at the UK ski market following recent research undertaken. 

11.30-12.15pm GDPR: Aims, considerations and actions to take  Louise Hickman, qualified  GDPR Practitioner, advises LISTEX attendees on how to prepare for compliance with the new legislation. Time to prepare your final checklist as 25 May approaches.
12.15-2.00pm Press lunch
2.00-4.00pm Trade Exchange (6 appointments)
LISTEX Knowledge Labs
& ski testing for everyone else
4.00-4.30pm Networking & coffee break
4.30-5.30pm Forum session – ‘Reinvention.’ 
Hear from our industry expert panel about what ‘Reinvention’ has meant to their business. From reinventing the brand, the product and marketing communications to the chalet holiday and media communications.
6.00-10.00pm LISTEX social