Expand your view: LISTEX announces the Resort Exchange Programme for 2019 Attendees

New for 2019, LISTEX is providing a new ‘Resort Exchange Programme’ where any LISTEX attendee working in a sales, marketing or operational role in a mountain resort may apply to spend time working with a fellow attendee from a different resort performing a similar role.

LISTEX founder James Gambrill said: ‘A primary purpose of LISTEX has always been to share knowledge and expertise amongst everyone working in the mountain sports industry. A large number of our attendees have said how much value they gain from meeting and speaking to other attendees working in a similar role, and learning how they approach their job and the challenges and opportunities that arise. By facilitating the opportunity for those working in our industry to go and see first hand how others approach their jobs and tasks, we believe all participating attendees will gain insight that will help grow skills across the industry and in turn grow the industry as a whole.’

The concept is similar to the exchange programs undertaken by thousands of students every year who are studying a foreign language. Just as those students are able to experience the daily life and challenges of a fellow student in a different country, the LISTEX Resort Exchange Programme will provide the opportunity for those working in a mountain resort to see how a fellow attendee working in a similar role in a different resort faces and address the same (and different) daily challenges, and to share ideas and best practice in a supportive environment.

Notes: The Resort Exchange Programme is open to all attendees of the LISTEX Summer or Winter Exchange. All participating attendees should offer to host an attendee from another resort in order to qualify for the exchange programme.

For more information on the Resort Exchange Programme, contact us here