Keynote speaker Fran Boorman, ‘The World is changing, how do you adapt to thrive?’

Introducing Fran Boorman – author, entrepreneur, influencer & mum

Fran Boorman opens the LISTEX Forum, Wednesday 26 September at 10am, with her keynote presentation,  ‘The World is changing, how do you adapt to thrive?’

Fran BoormanFran Boorman is a former competitive skier having spent most her youth on snow. Through her school days she achieved many national titles alongside her team mate and school buddy, 4 times Olympian, Chemmy Alcott. When injury brought her skiing career to an abrupt halt she adapted all the life lessons she had learned from competitive sport into business.

Fran went on to build an £8.5m turnover business around her two young children. Despite having very limited childcare, Fran’s business became the fastest growing in its sector. She has gone on to support over 1000 individuals start their own enterprises and become a key spokes person for SMEs in the UK, representing their interests in government and hosting a highly engaged online forum of start-ups. Fran authored an international bestselling book and is a regular contributor on BBC Radio discussing business and news issues.

Fran has recently partnered with an ex-pro footballer to launch an exciting new venture which is predicted to achieve £1m turnover in its first year. Goal 17 combines the universal interest in football to facilitate the end of youth homelessness through providing engaging and valuable corporate events. Having secured partnerships with 12 of the premiership football clubs (such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Newcastle, Liverpool, West Ham etc). Goal 17 is already making waves in the football and corporate world. Fran is a big advocate and spokesperson of using business to help solve social problems. This new enterprise not only sets out to do good and be profitable, but to also become the blueprint for how other organisations can drive their own growth whilst getting real value out of their corporate social investment.

Fran Boorman authorAlongside her own business interests Fran serves on several large company boards where she brings a specialist understanding of key trends and changes that are impacting business. She also consults, speaks and delivers cooperate learning & development events to share her vast and diverse knowledge for successful business growth



Fran’s keynote, ‘The World is changing, how do you adapt to thrive?’

A key aspect to Fran’s business success has been an ability to decode and demystify the fast changes that we see in the world today. We all understand that technology is driving change and to survive we need to reinvent, but how? Surely not just littering more content on social media?!

In her talk at LISTEX Fran will share with you a clear formulae for understanding the changes we see in consumer attitudes and market trends. This will give you the tracks to run on to start evolving and changing your business to stay ahead of the curve and engage loyal and dedicated customers.

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