Forum 2018

Welcome to the LISTEX Forum 2018 for the Summer Exchange, 2 May and the Winter Exchange, 26 & 27 September.

Our 2018 theme is ‘Reinvention

The 2018 Summer Exchange Forum Timetable, 2 May*

10.30-11.30 Season Review with Snow-Forecast
How good has this season really been? 

State of the market
A fresh look at the UK ski market following recent research undertaken by Duplare and others.

11.30-12.15 GDPR: Aims, considerations and actions to take 

Louise Hickman, qualified  GDPR Practitioner, advises LISTEX attendees on how to prepare for compliance with the new legislation. Time to prepare your final checklist as 25 May approaches.

4.15-5.30pm Reinvention
Hear our industry expert panel present and discuss what ‘Reinvention’ has meant to their business or company. From reinventing the brand, the product and marketing communications to the chalet holiday:
Craig Stockwell, Duplare: Reinventing a brand proposition without rebranding the product
Craig discusses ‘Reinvention’ not ‘Disruption’ and how companies can position their own product in a way to attract new customers.
Shannon Watson, Duplare: Reinventing marketing communications post GDPR
How GDPR compliancy is actually a step toward more effective and profitable email marketing
Mark Frary Reinventing the media for the digital age – the importance of having a trusted voice
– ‘Reinventing the chalet holiday’

Winter Exchange Forum topics will be coming soon. If there is a particular topic you would like to see, please email

* Forum topics are subject to change