Forum 2018

Welcome to the LISTEX Forum 2018 for the Winter Exchange, 26 & 27 September.

Our 2018 theme is ‘Reinvention

The 2018 Winter Exchange Forum ‘Reinvention’ 26 & 27 September*

September 26

Keynote: ‘The world is changing, how do you adapt to thrive?’

Entrepreneur, influencer and best selling author Fran Boorman opens the LISTEX 2018 Winter Exchange Forum exploring how a changing world requires a change in approach to business models to thrive.

State of the Market: Snowsports Analysis 2018

A fresh look at the UK and international snowsports market following recent research undertaken on behalf of LISTEX. What are consumers really thinking as we approach the 18/19 winter season and what can we do to meet their needs? What are the key developments in technology that will impact on the industry and consumer decision making in 2018/19?

A copy of the summary presentation given at LISTEX 2018 is below. To receive a copy of the full report when it becomes available, please contact us.

Digitisation: Opportunities to Reimagine Reinvention

Digitisation is a seemingly all-encapsulating process of transformation and change. The shift from the analog and the physical toward digital products and services offers huge scope for reinvention and creativity in exploiting the potential of Big Data. How can digitisation’s promise be truly realised? Which strategies are likely to deliver in marketing while avoiding the hazards of investing resources in a confusing line-up of ever evolving platforms, apps and media channels? This presentation provides insights into effectively leveraging digitisation as a tool for your business’s growth.

LISTEX ‘Dragons Den’

This Forum sessions sees entrepreneurs pitch for investment or mentoring in front of our ‘friendly’ dragons. This year’s ‘LISTEX Dragons’ include Dom Killinger – Publisher InTheSnow and our new dragons, Martin Hanneford – Founder Ski MoJo, Adam Breen – Director Le Verre Gourmand and John Dawson – Owner SkileGap.

Reinvention of the media

The media is changing, news sources are multiplying every day and in the era of ‘fake news’ and scandals who do consumers trust? How do you adapt to make this new media lanscape work for you and your organisation next, and how do you become a trusted voice? And, what may be about to happen next? Our panellists Henry Druce Editor of Telegraph Ski and Snowboard, Editor of WeLove2Ski and the Sunday Times Ski and Snowboard Sean Newsom, freelance journalist Rob Rees and blogger and influencer Mel B discuss…

September 27

Keynote: ‘Making the mountains accessible to all’

Less than 10% of the UK population have been on a winter holiday to the mountains, yet research regularly reveals many millions more are very interested in doing so. Ski2Freedom founder Catherine Cosby and Brand strategist Craig Stockwell lead our expert panel to explore the physical, social, cultural and financial barriers that exist for those potential new consumers, and how we can overcome them to make the mountains accessible to all.

‘Reinventing customer communications for the GDPR era’

The introduction of GDPR in May 2018 forced many companies and organisations to reinvent how they deal with customer data and how in such a crowded world of information they can cut through to their consumers with relevant and timely messaging. GDPR professional Louise Hickman, photographer, videographer and content marketeer Pete Webb from Wearemerci and social media marketeer Iain Martin of Skipedia present thoughts and insights into reinventing how to communicate with customers in 2018.

‘Is it time to reinvent the ski holiday?’

As the snowsports industry navigates a period of unprecedented technological and political change, is it time to reinvent the basic business model of a ‘ski holiday’ to both meet these challenges and deliver what consumers want? Journalist and biographer of ski holiday pioneer Erna Low Mark Frary leads the discussion with our expert panel to close LISTEX 2018.


The 2018 Summer Exchange Forum Timetable, 2 May*

10.30-11.30 Season Review with Snow-Forecast
How good has this season really been? 

State of the market
A fresh look at the UK ski market following recent research undertaken by Duplare and others.

11.30-12.15 GDPR: Aims, considerations and actions to take 

Louise Hickman, qualified  GDPR Practitioner, advises LISTEX attendees on how to prepare for compliance with the new legislation. Time to prepare your final checklist as 25 May approaches.

4.15-5.30pm Reinvention
Hear our industry expert panel present and discuss what ‘Reinvention’ has meant to their business or company. From reinventing the brand, the product and marketing communications to the chalet holiday:
Craig Stockwell, Duplare: Reinventing a brand proposition without rebranding the product
Craig discusses ‘Reinvention’ not ‘Disruption’ and how companies can position their own product in a way to attract new customers.
Shannon Watson, Duplare: Reinventing marketing communications post GDPR
How GDPR compliancy is actually a step toward more effective and profitable email marketing
Mark Frary Reinventing the media for the digital age – the importance of having a trusted voice
– ‘Reinventing the chalet holiday’

Winter Exchange Forum topics will be coming soon. If there is a particular topic you would like to see, please email

* Forum topics are subject to change