‘Attack of the Drones: A look at how snowsports can use new technology’

Iain Martin from Skipedia.co.uk looks at some of the opportunities that new technology presents for the snowsports industry. His Forum session takes place on Thursday 29 from 14.00-15.40.

Point-of-View cameras (POV) such as GoPro are seen everywhere in ski resorts now, but what is the next step for video footage?

Drones can produce some spectacular shots – and the release of the GoPro Karma – their first drone will be a huge development in the sector. But what are the regulations regarding their use and what sort of content could you produce with them?

360 degree video is becoming increasingly common – but is it worth investing in a camera or will the next iteration make it obsolete within months?

There’s a lot of talk about Virtual Reality. Iain looks at the different options for consuming VR, including the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear down to Google Cardboard. Which direction will virtual reality go in snowsports and could it ever replace a ‘real life’ ski holiday itself?

Finally, we’ll look at Periscope and Facebook Live and the new trend for live broadcasting. Why do it and when you do, what is best practice to maximise enagagement and reach?

After Iain’s presentation, we’ll have an open discussion and Q&A to discuss these specific technologies, as well as some future predictions.

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