LISTEX Summer Session 2017


10.30 Welcome breakfast, hosted by the Snow Centre

The event begins with a  welcome from our hosts, The Snow Centre with tea, coffee and pastries.

11.00 Forum:Back to the Future

LISTEX is 5 years old this year. Our expert panel will look back at the last 5 years in snowsports, what’s changed, and give their view on what the next 5 years may bring!

12.30 Networking Lunch hosted by the Snow Centre

14.00 Keynote Speaker: Jon Burkhart ‘The Ballsy Guide to Getting and Keeping Attention in Real Time’

15.30 Free skiing session for all attendee

17.00 End

Keynote: Content Marketing: The Ballsy Guide To Getting And Keeping Attention In Real-time
LISTEX is delighted to welcome back TBC Global’s Jon Burkhart as keynote speaker for the LISTEX Summer Session 2017.
Jon has created a new keynote exclusively for LISTEX, based on his experiences helping clients create content strategies that help build brands. In 2013, he wrote Newsjacking: The Urgent Genius of Real-timeAdvertising. It’s a book about getting and keep customers’attention. In this bespoke talk/mini-workshop, he’s updated it for 2017’s ever-distracted, connected snowsports consumer.

It’s Friday afternoon. You’ve left work with 100 problems. Prediction: some consultant-storyteller guru will offer solutions to zero-zilch-none of them. What you need: turn-your-brain-off, stress-busting, ball-throwing fun. No bullet points, charts or graphs.

In this brand new preview of his TEDx talk, Newsjacking/Urgent Genius author and speaker Jon Burkhart will bring his BALLSY content strategy framework to life in highly interactive/dangerous ways. He’ll then lead a few short experiments to sharpen your ability to respond in real-time to potential customers.

It will be rapid-fire. NERF guns (and balls) feature regularly. To get attention, you’ve got to adopt what looks like a Ready Fire Aim approach to creating content, even when you’ve thought everything through in advance.

Why trust this clown to kick-start your weekend? Jon hates the ‘work’ bit in ‘workshop.’ People learn through play. If you’re truly playful, you’re more prepared for the unexpected.

Don’t worry. If you’re too tired to take it all in, Jon will Jedi-mind-trick your brain into taking useful, practical stuff home or at least give you a few things to ponder as you look out onto the ski slopes.

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What’s it all about?

The rules have changed. Long gone are the old ways of spraying your marketing messages everywhere and praying that some of them get through. In 2017, you’ve gotfour to eight seconds to grab a customer’s attention. The only way to keep their precious attention? Having a rock-solid plan. This comes in the form of a written strategy. It’s got to be brave. Customers don’t wake up thinking “wow, what brands should I chat with today?”

TBC Global’s Jon Burkhart will be your guide through these uncharted waters. He will help you create this brave brand survival guide. It will serve as the roadmap for how you interact with every customer across every touchpoint. Wow. This seems impossible. Hold on. Don’t get overwhelmed. With the right approach, you can create content that cuts through the noise. It will make your messages memorable. It will prepare your new prospects to seek you out to learn more. With the right plan in place, you can hang ontothis new customer and even turn them into a lifelong fan. You will even see your sales skyrocket — if you follow the plan and prepare to react in real-time to the changing needs of the customer.

In an attention-getting, totally unique way, Jon will help you establish a game plan for the production of all the different types of marketing materials — traditional, digital and experiential. With his BALLSY content strategy framework in place, you will be primed to get and keep your future fan’s attention.

What’s involved…

First 30 Minutes: The Why’s and What Next’s Of Content

This day will be dedicated to determining what effective content looks like then creating a content mission statement that will guide all your attempts to connect with fickle, busy, screen-flicking customers.

Last 25 Minutes: The Which, When and How’s of Content

This bit will be dedicated to putting your new strategy to the test through the creation of content.

5 Minutes Q&A

What You May Learn If All Goes Well…

Survive an hour with Jon and you’ll leave with a smile on your face plus these nuggets of knowledge:

How to explain the business case for an attention-getting content strategy to the powers that be

How to create a content mission statement in four simple steps

How to create banter with fans. This involves listening, surprising and delighting in realtime

How to generate hundreds of content ideas in minutes and evaluate them for each customer along every step of the customer journey.


What Physical Stuff/Swag/Prizes/Party Bags Do I Get To Take Home?

Lucky winners will receive: TBC Global’s new Truly Ballsy Content card game. It’s Top Trumps meets Cards Against Humanity. Plus, it’s full of case studies of the best and worst content ever created.

From our experience, having a reminder of good work lying around the office helps the penny drop and insures that TBC Global’s principles are actually put into use.

All about Jon

Jon Burkhart is an award-winning keynote speaker, content strategist and copywriter energised by brands who get and keep attention in brave ways.

Jon is best known for co-authoring Newsjacking: The Urgent Genius of Real-time Advertising and co-founding Urgent Genius, the world’s first blog dedicated to real-time creativity, in 2010.

He is founder of marketing consultancy TBC Global Ltd. Employing a wildly different approach to inspiring clients, Jon invents interactive games to help you think clearly and make quickly.

When delivering a speech, Jon owns the stage like a comedian. He comes to the party with new stories every time — stories of brand taking risks that have paid off wildly. As a bonus round, he’ll rapid-fire a ton of tips/tricks your way — ones you can kick-start tomorrow.

He speaks regularly at South By Southwest Interactive (SXSW) and now serves on their programming committee. He also brings the fun to the Cannes Lions and SEAT (Sports and Entertainment Alliance in Technology) festivals.

Right now, there’s a good chance Jon’s creating a refreshing new way for a business to harness the power of content and social media. This starts with surprising or shocking customers into giving up at least 4 seconds of their precious attention.

Jon is based in London but does his best work while travelling to speaking/consultancy gigs. The wifi’s usually patchy. Fewer distractions.

Past Events – LISTEX Summer Session 2016

LISTEX summer session, networking, snowsports, trade event, skiing, snowboarding, forum, Snow + Rock

Katie Waddington, Zenith Holidays, presents at the ‘Brexit’ forum during LISTEX Summer Session

The LISTEX Summer Session took place on May 11, 2016 in a new venue, Snow + Rock’s Covent Garden store (Top Floor), 4 Mercer Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9QA.

Built around the established LISTEX Forum concept, the free Summer Session event included two forum sessions, networking breaks and lunch for our 60 snowsports industry professionals. Our morning panel discussed ‘The potential impact of Brexit on the UK snowsports industry.’ Followed by our afternoon forum session, ‘The Future is mobile.’

The LISTEX Summer Session day:

10-10.30am: Registration for all-day and morning session attendees, coffee/ tea

10.30-12.30pm: Forum – ‘The potential impact of Brexit on the UK snowsports industry
Panellists include: Luke Petherbridge (Public Affairs Manager, ABTA) Katie Waddington (Director, Zenith Holidays), Sean Newsom (journalist and Editor, welove2ski) and Rod Campbell (Carters Outdoor Specialists)

12.30-2pm: Lunch and networking and registration for afternoon attendees

2-4pm: Forum – ‘The future is mobile’
Presentations from Kieran Darwin, Head of Digital Strategy at DBD Media with Charles Daniel, Industry Manager at Google, focusing on ‘Is your brand mobile?’ Iain Martin from Skipedia discusses the importance of Adwords for mobile and Expedient Media explores building websites from a mobile first perspective.